Living room with midtone flooring and a leather couch

Shaw Total Care

The Shaw Total Care cleaning and installation network puts our whole team on your side.

Man going over cleaning details with a client


Shaw Total Care classes are designed to assist with flooring installation, protection, maintenance and restoration. We take an in-depth look at the life cycle of our products. Starting on the right path and staying the course to ensure maximum enjoyment and ROI of your flooring purchase.

Hard and soft surface leaners presented on the floor


Offering products designed to keep abrasive soil and contaminates from shortening the life of your flooring.

Woman kneeling on the floor cleaning it with Shaw Hard Surface Cleaner


A collection of curated products to safely keep your floor and property looking and feeling its best. From deodorization, disinfection, fungicide and everyday cleaning products, we have you covered.

man fixing a scratch in flooring with a paint pen


Periodically your floors may need some extra attention. We have designed corrective procedures and products to restore your flooring and get it back on the right path.