Designer Spotlight

Working From Home

Working From Home
In our reality today, the “New Normal” is #socialdistancing

This pandemic requires our utmost respect and care for the health and well being of others as well as ourselves. We must be cautious and wise when conducting business while setting proper customer expectations. Calling on customers like we did even a few weeks ago has completely changed. The self quarantine and cocooning are the right moves. So how do we navigate?

Now is the time to utilize technology and your creativity to reach your end users from google hangouts, to Zoom and FaceTime.

Side note: if you and your spouse are both working from home and if they are video conferencing in the “office”.... don’t go in that room! Communicate! I totally got busted and called out for trying to be a ninja and crawl out of said room undetected. I was SO detected. Crawling on my dang hands and knees. Yep that happened.
Sadly a true story. 😂 So funny. Yet so embarrassing!

I digress. So how can we help you in making flooring selections in this new normal? We can send you detailed sell sheets on any flooring products. We have this platform here for you to utilize on our Multifamily website. When browsing through any of our products on this website ( look for the “view my room” camera icon. This is our tremendous visualization tool named Floorvana Plus. Every product has the small camera icon you see below.  You take a picture of your room, space, rehab or project and instantly add any of our floors and change out the style or color in real time. Try this great tool!

Designer Spotlight Working from Home Detail Page.JPG

The new normal of this virtual design selection is ramping up. We will be supporting you, the design community. Today that looks like virtual design appointments where we can support you with digital samples.  Or it might look like design packages. We are here to help. 

Designer Spotlight Working from Home Package.JPG
And did you know we offer Rendering Services? We do!

Designer Spotlight Working from Home PCQC.JPG

Now is a great time to organize! Clean out your desks, bring home your most popular and favorite samples to utilize from home. Hey, you might just find some of that elusive Shaw branded hand sanitizer from that flooring show you went to.

Designer Spotlight Working from Home Hand Sanitizer.JPG

Be proactive. Our team is ready to help you remotely on your projects.

Hang in there. We will get through this together. Handshakes will be SO appreciated again one day. Face to face meetings will come back. But until then, be wise. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Use this time to refocus and sharpen your skills.

Fist bump, elbow bump, foot bump,