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Walk This Way

Walk This Way
Walk-Off Mats

We have been listening, talking and responding to our customers about the importance of sanitizing their floors. It is so vital, especially now!

Outside dirt and grit from your shoes can create major damage to your floors. And we have a great way to stop the grime in its tracks. Walk-off/Entrance mats. 

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We need to start preventing contaminants from ever entering your space or home.  Foot traffic is responsible for 94% of the dirt in your building or home that enters on the soles of people’s shoes. (Ewww)

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Side note: this is the sign we have at our front door to remind friends and family we are a no shoe zone. We do this in addition to our Shaw Total Care entrance mat because you know there’s always a few exceptions to the rule for people we love such as toddlers or elderly friends and family members.

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Walk-off mats are a solution that help you reduce incoming foot-borne contaminants.  And we sell it TODAY. Are you utilizing them? 

These mats are a great way to protect your floors around the clock and reduce your environmental footprint with cleaning agents. They minimize tracking of dirt and water, provide a safe walking surface and reduce the dirt from entering through your door. 

Choose from patterns Hobnail or Linear in colors Charcoal or Brown. They come in sizes 2x3, 4x6 or 4x12. Mats are solution-dyed needlebond polyester and are 60% post-consumer recycled content.

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Please talk to your rep about adding these walk-off mats as a closing gift to buyers or as a program for buildings to reduce yuck and muck in your spaces. 
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Your PACE or mine,