Give me all the trims!

Have you noticed the shift in tile projects? From backsplashes to shower walls we are seeing nearly seamless trims.


It is sleek!

Bullnose is good. Don’t get me wrong. We go way waaaaaaay back. We are not breaking up! Okurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?

We spy a trend of clean edges that don’t detract your eye yet focuses on your tile design....



Let me formally introduce you to Shaw Floors newest darling, TrimMaster. It’s going to be boss. It’s going to be your BFF.


TrimMaster has the latest colors to coordinate with your style from antique brushed bronze, to bright white to copper to polished chrome to stone gray. And you can customize different shapes as well.



Not only is it nominated to The Pretty Committee –

TrimMaster also:

✔️ Is engineered with a patented straight edge grout line

✔️ Protects exposed edges of tile

✔️ Protects against chips and breakage

It’s ideal for glass, subway, metal, and geometric tiles. Really, you can use it with any tile or stone. I chose it for my own Owners Suite, and I love it! I encourage you to try it. Then tag us please at #shawfloors #psshawfloors


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