The Estate Collection

The Estate Collection
“A” property approved.

Are you looking for a luxury line for backsplashes? Are you a “fan” of chic marble geometric patterns?

 I’m obsessed! You are too? Well then let me introduce you to our showstopper backsplash upgrade.... Estate. “Hey Estate, how you doin?” (In my best Joey Tribioni impression)

The Estate Collection is #designgoals. We all want it. Not every project has this kind of budget. But if you are looking for premium, inspirational, and aspirational....take a peek!

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Solid or tone on tone. White on white. Black and white. White and gray. Taupe blends. So many options. So many choices. How do you pick just one?

I just want to roll around on them!!! (Oh wait, I said too much.)

So which is your fave? Have you spec’ed Estate yet? If so tag us at #psshawfloors #shawfloors. We’d love love love to see!

Fan Girling,