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The Cloffice

The Cloffice
Any other Dunder Mifflin fans out there? If so, let’s play some flonkerton later, visit Schrute Farms and chat about all things The Office.  Let’s meet in the conference room in five……

There are many names for the reimagined essential home office: zoom room, pocket office and my fave new term “cloffice.”

Are you accommodating this macro-trend in your model homes or multi-family units? Whether your customers are renting or buying they need a dedicated space to work from home. Or if there are school aged children in the home this can be a virtual classroom as well. It’s all about that space, about that space 🎶


A few things to keep in mind are that it doesn’t have to be in a dedicated room. It’s going to be a multi-functional flex place. Great if you have a spare room then problem solved! You may close down the blog early.

However, you can retro almost any space from closets to alcoves, or storage areas to achieve the cloffice (closet + office.)


Things to consider in there: a petite desk work surface, a lamp, shelving for storage and a cozy chair. I would add as a flooring professional that the quietest surface to use underfoot is carpet. It absorbs sound with the best IIC rating in independent testing. It’s softer and cozier underfoot. Easy to clean and maintain with affordable options such as Color Guard, R2X, Anso Eco Nylon, Anderson Tuftex or Endurance to get high performance out of your carpet. These all have a great insulation R Value too. You can have peace and quiet while working. And in today’s styles, colors and patterns you can’t go wrong. Personalize it. Make it yours from shaggy to tonal to color pops.


If your space already has hard surface down you have options too. Throw down an Anderson Tuftex or Floorigami bound area rug or look for new peel and stick soft surface planks from Floorigami to create your own rug. I have this in my own cloffice and love the feel on my toes.


Side note ~ my office was our basement storage. That’s a really nice way to put it. It was our junk/catch-all room. You know the one. The one you never show guests. We couldn’t even shut the door there was so much stuff in there. Well we cleaned it out over a year ago and transformed the previous storage closet into my cute little enjoyable pocket office. I love it! We floated COREtec Stone 18x24 Olesia over the existing old ugly dingy crappy tiles. The quiet cork backing along with no real grout lines to clean and the beautiful marble veining made this an easy choice.


I added a few personal touches. Rearranged and borrowed furniture from other rooms, got a FB market place desk that the hubs gave a fresh coat of paint to. I finally hung my canvas black and white shots of my loved ones.


Hung new inspirational lighting


For some texture, we added design on a dime clearance wall hangings as my camera backdrop and voila.


My zoom room has been my virtual home sweet home cloffice. Before and after:


Have you done this in your own space? Have you tried it in your models or units? It is NOT a budget buster but adds so much value.

Let us know what’s a must have in your office? And hey, what is your all time favorite Office episode? (Mine is Café Disco 💃🏻)