That Rap Game - Carpet Fiber Artist

That Rap Game - Carpet Fiber Artist

Shaw Floors can make carpet into anything! Patterns, florals, animal print, geometric, abstract. It goes on and on.

Owner and Fiber Artist Marshall Fox of Fox Floors in NJ takes this to a whole new level. His grandfather started their family business Fox Floors in 1946. Marshall DJ’ed in the 90’s. Spinning tunes, producing and engineering with celebrity friends; he flourished in his career. Marshall has now combined both his passions, music & carpet. And after a chance meeting with hip hop legend Erick Sermon, Def Rugs was born.


Marshall knows flooring is influenced by pop culture, movies, politics, fashion, and music.

Marshall says “I’m glad & honored to be a part of this conversation. Most of the rugs I make tell a story of my life, channeling music, brands, & things I’m into. From hip hop to classic rock, paying tribute to legends and all things that are fly, especially if it’s from the 90’s. When I make a rug, it’s like me spinning records. Instead of dropping a classic tune at a club or D.J. battling, I’m dropping classic rugs to an on-line audience, & in person on someone’s living room floor. I really enjoy the process of making the rugs, cutting & carving, all handmade from start to finish. All while using Shaw Floors scraps, remnants, rolls, and cut orders.”

From Snoop Dog to Princess Leia to our own mogul Warren Buffet. Check out his work.


It’s dooooooooope!


“Chaka, Chaka, Chaka Khan!”



“May the Floors be with you!”



“Bow wow wow”

“The material is perfect for me to work with for the rugs, the Shaw color wall is like my paint palette, and I have all kinds of carpet at my disposal. I love knowing that something I’ve made by hand is in the home of so many of my music idols, it’s my way of giving back. One of my goals is to be a carpet voice for the new generation of flooring consumers.”

Are you blown away? Can you imagine the custom work he can do for you? Want your logo in a rug? The name of your business or complex highlighted for your model homes or offices? Let Marshall work his magic and craft you a custom rug.


Follow him on Instagram @MarshallFox.fiberArtist. And don’t forget to tag us at #shawfloors #psshawfloors so we can check-check-check it out.

Drop’n the mic,