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Pet Protect

Pet Protect 🐾

Have I ever told you about the 5 P’s in carpet?

  • Pretty
  • Practical
  • Pee
  • Poop
  • Puke

You might be asking yourself ‘How in the world do these 5 P’s make any sense?’ I might be barking up the wrong tree, but if you have pets, then you know that in today’s world where pets are part of the family, THEY ALL make sense!

Friends, let me introduce you to Anderson Tuftex’s amazing line aptly named Pet Protect. It’s a beautiful line of Stainmaster carpet built to protect your floors from your favorite fur babies. Because let’s face it, pets are the new kids. Did you know more U.S. households have pets than children!
Pet Protect has a nose to tail warranty, if you will. Again protecting against Fifi and Fido’s pee, 💩, and puke. How so? The secret is the solution dyed nylon that prevents against fading and staining. Then it has the added protection of root to tip and top to bottom stain and soil resistance on the carpet. Plus there is a very subtle carbon charge that repels shedding pet hair and ensures easy vacuuming.

And these aren’t just any ho-hum carpets. They are 🐾 paws-itively pretty. These are gorgeous on-trend classic beauties like:

Strut color Desert Palm:


Shake color Desert Palm:


Tail Wag color Briarwood:


Catch color Briarwood:


There is no sacrificing beauty and style for your beloved pets. Fur-get about it! You CAN have it all.

Designer Spotlight Pet Protect.jpg

Pet Protect keeps your carpet looking newer longer! Now isn’t that purrrrfect?!?