Designer Spotlight

#OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

If you are a millennial or follow any fashion blogs you know what this acronym stands for...Outfit of the Day. There’s even a National #OOTD holiday! (Thanks to @stassischroeder)

During these unprecedented times we don’t even know what day of the week it is. At least I don’t. April lasted 275 days. I have been living in my elastic-waisted jeans, messy buns, glasses, and no make up. It’s like a beauty detox. (Sorry, husband.)

How about you? 

That is unless there’s a go-to meeting or zoom conf call. Then it’s on, like the Academy Awards or something! Mama has a reason to wash and style her hair and get gussied up. (Well from the waist up anyway.) And I stare at my closet for my #OOTD.

Since we are sheltering in I thought it would be fun to declare a #FOTD flooring of the day. Let’s make it a thing!  (I styled these showcasing Shaw Floors in our home working with what I’ve got on hand.)

Designer Spotlight OOTD Kimono.JPG

Floral kimono (elastic top jeans!!!) and vintage farm girl tank really are cute paired with Antiqued 3x6 Subway tile.

Designer Spotlight OOTD Stars.JPG

12x24 Infinity tile in our daughter’s bathroom with our Beveled Baker Street subway in 3x6 and 4x12 stars against this black top and earrings.

Designer Spotlight OOTD Stripes.JPG

Mustard cardigan plays well with our Baker Street Basketweave on the shower floor. (I hand dried it for ya)

Designer Spotlight OOTD Denim.JPG

Our closet features Anderson Tuftex Good Things ll with my fave timeworn denim button down.

Designer Spotlight OOTD Floral.JPG Resilient Architect Folders and a Floral sweatshirt for the win in the laundry room. Both fool the eye.

Designer Spotlight OOTD Camo.JPG

Lifeguard carpet Blue Jay ll color Steel in the basement and our Neutrals Arch Folder pull off the Camo cozy look. Check out the tagged accounts in the pictures from jewelry to clothing. And please tag us in your next #ShawFloors project or model home so we can humble brag on you! We are watching, subscribing and smashing the like/share button hard on this one!

May the floors be with you, Tracy