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Netflix Binge - Tidying Up

Netflix Binge - Tidying Up
(Fair warning this blog post is a little Kumbaya. 🥁 We are talking all things Konmari method.)

Have you seen “Tidying Up?” Marie Kondo, best selling author, is now on Netflix teaching others about sparking joy through organizing, cleaning, and major decluttering. She helps people purge by letting go and THANKING their possessions (home, clothing, sentimental items, miscellaneous). I may or may not have been inspired to purge our playroom, closets, my Spanxx, my scale, all healthy food (I kid, I kid) and the kids’ rooms after watching. Our local donation facility is now amply stocked, just say’n.

Got me thinking. Maybe Marie Kondo is onto something.

Should we be thanking our floors?
(Man, I feel like Carrie Bradshaw.)

Thanking our floors? Huh!?! Ummmmm, that’s a lil weird.

Stay with me. Shaw Floors Carpets are already helping you tidy up without you even being aware of it.


Okay, let's just try it. I'll get us started with carpet...

Alright, Shaw Floors Carpet. 
Thank you.

Thank you LifeGuard Collection Carpet for being spill-proof to keep my home healthy.

Thank you for protecting my floors against life's little messes.


Thank you Shaw Floors Carpet with R2X Stain and Soil Resistance System for keeping my carpet looking newer longer against dirt and grime.

Designer Spotlight Blog Netflix Binge Baseboard.JPG

Thanks for being CRI Green Label Plus Certified for low VOCs.

Green Label Plus-Generic-Logo-1-175x300.png

Thank you Eclipse Collection for having at least 50% recycled content for the health of the environment.


Designer Spotlight Netflix Eclipse Room.JPG

Thank you Eclipse for standing up to mustard, bleach, and red wine and other household spills and messes.

Thank you for being made in the USA.

Thank you for being hypoallergenic so we can breathe easy.
Thank you Shaw Floors for contributing millions over the years directly to the children of St. Jude.
Thank you Shaw Floors for making a difference.

And lastly it would be silly if I didn't thank you (yes you!) for being a faithful reader. I hope we've sparked joy in you with current trends, products, and projects. Thanks for liking, hash-tagging #shawfloors, sharing and forwarding. But most of all thank you for being a valued customer. 

"Ching!" (that's how Marie describes the spark of joy you feel) - now go binge watch! 


And so you know I'm not a big liar...My Marie Kondo closet before: (I feel seen!)
Designer Spotlight Netflix Binge Closet Before.JPG

And after (with Good Things II Anderson Tuftex carpet and a new closet system).

Designer Spotlight Netflix Binge Closet After.JPG

Thanks so much,