Name That Tune! 🎶

Name That Tune! 🎶

Shaw Floors new 2019 wall tile, Beat, can be mid-century modern, beyond farmhouse, minimal, or very contemporary. It all depends on the vibe of your next project.

🎼BEAT it!


🎼Turn the BEAT around!


🎼We’ve got the BEAT!


How can this blog not have you humming a happy tune with tile names such as Smooth Jazz, Hip Hop and New Age?


If you want to hit a crescendo in your next design for backsplash or bathroom wall tile or even just a fabulous accent wall, look no further.


Beat hits a perfect symphony with 3-D texture, depth & dimension, clean crisp white tonality, and on-trend sizing.


It sure strikes a chord with me. We can’t wait to see how you will harmonize and use Beat in your next project. As always please tag us at #shawfloors #psshawfloors


And the Beat goes on,