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Mid-mod Mood

Mid-mod Mood
“Mid-century modern is the design movement in interior, product, graphic design, architecture, and urban development from roughly 1945 to 1975” Gracias, Wikipedia! 

If I had to define it: Very cool. A little retro. Some throwback. A little Mad Men with modern minimal touches to keep it fresh. A smidge of California style. 

1 Designer Spotlight Mid Mod Mood.JPG (Pictured Floorté Barrel Oak color Shawshank)

Going for this style? Try crisp white walls. Tobacco brown sofa (always available at West Elm.) Floor to ceiling glass windows. Geometric shapes. Boho texture. Curved furniture with tapered legs. You can mix it up and have fun with this highly desired design style with pops of playful color, especially organic orange and brown tones and sprigs of greenery. 

Here’s our Shaw Flooring round up to help you achieve this look:

Hoover Penny Round tiles serving up Netflix binge-worthy Mad Men style (for floor or wall.) Picture courtesy of designer Kayla Pence. 
2 Designer Spotlight Mid Mod Mood.JPG
Beat Tile style Smooth Jazz (white 12x24’s give a classic backdrop with a 3-D modern groovy textural twist)
3 Designer Spotlight Mid Mod Mood.JPG
Remy Mix Tile (retro patterns add a fun twist to this backsplash) 
4 Designer Spotlight Mid Mod Mood.JPG
Pops of white, diamond geometrics and curved furniture all work with Anderson Tuftex carpet style - Diesel. 
5 Designer Spotlight Mid Mod Mood.JPG
Anderson Tuftex White Oak style Citadel is a charmer in color Dutchess! 
6 Designer Spotlight Mid Mod Mood.JPG
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What’s old is new again,