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Kindness Rocks

Kindness Rocks
Does your hometown participate in kindness rocks? Ours does.

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It’s a favorite family activity for all ages. People creatively paint and then hide beautiful rocks all over for others to find. If found, you follow the hashtag on the back of the rock and learn that now it’s your turn to hide it for others to enjoy. It’s fun to see how far the rock will travel.

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(We love rock hunting. Exercise, fresh air, appreciating local art ....look at that rock slice of pizza!, and just good ole’ clean fun!)

Many times there’s an inspirational word or quote on them as well to lift your spirits. A tiny pebble can make a small splash which makes a ripple that grows.

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(Rocks painted by Jessica Lancaster Designs)

So we want to rock with you!


Shaw Floors has a great organic pebble collection that literally brings the outside in.

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(Picture courtesy of Sabal Homes Designer Becky Crosby)

These come on a mosaic mesh and are perfect for a shower floor, shower niche, accent, or backsplash.

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Our River Rock Honed feels like a spa with 7 gorgeous colorations that only nature can provide.


You will stone cold love it! Hashtag us please at #shawfloors if you decide to rock this rustic look for your residents.

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Go ahead and be a little boulder,


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(Picture credit #haulbrock #fountaininnrocks )