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Key West

Key West
Well, if we can’t travel anywhere right now with the current state of our world, let’s do the next best thing! We will bring some vacay vibes to you virtually for your next space or project.

This beautiful tropical inspired color palette tile is aptly named Key West. This porcelain comes in 8x8’s and 4x12’s. 

Designers Spotlight Key West Double Sinks.PNG

Key West is ohhhhh so relaxing in featured color Sky. 

The look is artisanal and handcrafted. The colors are water colored and muted. Let’s daydream together shall we......

(Get your jazz hands ready....Dooodley-doo, Dooodley-doo, Dooodley-doo -vague Wayne’s World reference for ya) 

After a long day at the beach, brush off that imaginary sand in your Key West shower in color Seafoam.

Designers Spotlight Key West Shower Head.PNG

Wash and scrub those hands for 20 seconds front and back and don’t forget your fingernails! Who knew your vanity could look so chic in colors Shell and Wave.

Designers Spotlight Key West Floating Sink.png

Lounge and post your obligatory beach feet selfie while you are unwinding with a cocktail.

Designers Spotlight Key West Floral Chair.PNG

Modern. Minimal. Mesmerizing. 

Designers Spotlight Key West Bowl Sink.PNG

Mix and match by banding Key West colors for a clean feel. But where’s the TP, Lysol and Clorox Wipes!?! 

We will travel again one day, friends! Hang in there. Stay healthy. Stay safe!

Really wish you were here,


This is in memory of our friend and our tile category manager who passed away unexpectedly recently, Collin Magnuson. He’s gone too soon. Our hearts are hurting. Collin was kind, sweet, hardworking, collaborative, and funny. He heavily involved our design and builder team with tile decisions on developing styles and colors because he knew we listened to the design community and the voice of the customer. We wanted subway tiles, patterns and geometrics. He brought them to us. We wanted blues and greens. He delivered. We wanted picket tiles and oversized hexagons. Just wait until you see our new introductions coming soon! He’s behind it all. Collin was a dear man and a dear friend. We will all miss him, especially that smile. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family. (This blog, Key West, was the last project I worked with him on.)

Designers Spotlight Key West Collin.JPG