In the mix!

In the mix!

Mixed Width Planks - Alternating 3/5/7” planks have been on trend with hardwood floors for some time.

In multi-family, you can achieve that look with two distinct price points in resilient wood-look alternatives.

  1. Sheet vinyl - Designing on a dime? Property Solutions Highlands ll sheet vinyl is a cost effective way to get the look for less. It is fiberglass backed for flexibility and durability. It comes in a beautiful 3/5/7” mixed width pattern. See for yourself!

    It truly fools the eye. Elevates the space. Updates the unit.

  2. Waterproof EVP - Healthier budget? Tapestry Mix Plus is a mixed width style in our Floorté (enhanced vinyl plank) Collection. The PVC backing gives it added dimensional stability, requires no acclimation, has attached backing for sound abatement, and best of all it is waterproof (from the top down). The texture, the colors, the visuals make it hard to tell that it’s not real wood.

So are you mixing it up with alternating planks? It gives such added visual interest to any space. It has a luxe designer feel.

Have you capitalized on this fun trend? Please tag us at #shawfloors #psshawfloors so we can see your mixed width project.

Budget-friendly yours,