Mickey Long’s Retirement

In Honor & Gratitude

In Honor & Gratitude of Mickey Long’s Retirement

Mickey Long, Senior Vice President of the Shaw Builder Group, retired after 40 wonderful years with Shaw Floors – 40 years!!!! 

He is an industry giant, an innovative thinker, an empowering leader, and a flooring legend. The Shaw Floors builder and multi-family region gathered recently to honor our Chief and let him know how much he means to us.



My story is one of so many that could be echoed from one coworker to the next.

So what do you say to the man who changed your life? Surely a simple thank you isn’t enough.



I met Mickey the summer of 2005. We met for my interview for the “designer dream job.” We talked shop maybe 5 -10 minutes. The rest was just getting to know each other and exchanging stories. I felt at home instantly. His kind blue eyes, that thick silver mane, and his southern drawl were so familiar. He asked me to come to Dalton to meet the team. So I did.



The next few years Chief (Mickey) looked after me and guided me along my career. I felt safe and protected as a young single working woman traveling the nation on my own.



Mickey was there for all of my milestones. He was one of the first I told of my engagement to my husband and later on of my upcoming babies. He asked me not to quit and to take my littles with me. So I did.



He has been there every step of the way. Just a phone call away during my highs and my lows.


After my husband’s cancer diagnosis, he was the first person I called to tell the news. I couldn’t say the “C” word cancer to my family. It would be too real. I knew I had to be strong for our parents and our kids. But I knew I could call Mickey. So I did. He was so comforting and supportive. He told me work could wait to put my family first.  That “we cared for our wounded” and to work from home as I could. So I did.



I knew the day would come when he would retire. It is well deserved at 40 years in the industry. I knew I would cry. And I did.

I believe with all my heart and all of my soul that it was no mere coincidence of our paths colliding . No positive juju or vibes. It wasn’t good luck. 


“It was no accident, me finding you. Someone had a hand in it long before we ever knew.” You changed my life, Mickey. You made it better, Chief. For that I am forever thankful. ~ We all are forever better for knowing you! One person can make a difference. Mickey Long is living proof of that. 

To Sir with Love,




Pictured: Mickey Long with our design team Trish Addington, Christine Slaughter, and Tracy Daves