History in the Making

in remembrance of Bob Burr

History in the Making

I received a very enthusiastic call from a dear coworker of mine about 6 months ago. His name was Bob Burr.

He had been reading my Shaw Floors multifamily blogs (Yay! Someone was reading them 😜). Bob was very excited on the call. He had great content for a future post.

He had just spec’ed a high-end Anderson Tuftex hardwood, Refinery, for a unique historic hotel rebuild.



I immediately started picking his brain for details.

And thus this blog came to life.....History in the Making!  

The historic Belleview Inn was built in 1897. Many owners have tried to bring the shine back to this beauty.


Preparations had been in the works for years to try and restore the crumbling building once billed "the largest occupied wooden structure in the world".


JMC Communities entered the scene. They purchased, relocated, and preserved this iconic hotel.  


A significant three-story section was carefully and painstakingly moved including the lobby, Tiffany stained glass, fireplace and a grand staircase. Not a small undertaking!

It is now the center piece and jewel of JMC’s community Belleview Place in Belleair, Florida.


Shaw Floors and Anderson Tuftex are thrilled that our own Refinery hardwood is featured in all of the 35 guest rooms.


Refinery was selected due to its historic time worn look and feel. Its 3 inch strips of alternating hickory and maple species take you back to 1897.

Multiple staining processes highlight and bring out the richness of the contrasting grains. From the aged nail holes to the historic rich brown tones, Refinery beckons us to an era of nostalgia.


JMC Communities worked with BSB Design on restoration, preservation, imagination, and innovation.


Fun fact. Here’s a few guests that have graced the Belleview’s doors:

Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Bob Dylan, Margaret Thatcher and Barack Obama

Can't you just imagine Henry Ford or Babe Ruth by this pool?



I have a terribly sad update to this story.

It’s with a heavy heart that we heard the news that Bob Burr lost a very brave but short battle with colon cancer. He started working at Shaw Floors in 2001 with a wealth of knowledge of the flooring business. His customers, builders, and coworkers loved and respected him. Bob was named Shaw Floors Regional Territory Manager of the Year on numerous occasions. He will be forever remembered and missed. 



Goodbye my friend,