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Floorté Wall System

Wonderwall - Floorté Wall System

"And maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me ($$$)....and after all, you're my Floorté Wall!" - Welcome to my ear worm!

We have a revolutionary product to share. Our Floorté Wall System in style Elements! Available in 7 proven colors made to coordinate with some of our most popular Urban Organics flooring collection.

Here’s a link to all of my faves:


I want to especially highlight two of these 12 x 24's with exceptionally neutral styles emulating that timeless subway tile look.


Elements in color Sea Salt installed vertical


And Elements in color bone installed horizontal.

My absolute favorite thing about Elements is the integrated bevel simulating grout. That means there is NO (zip, zero, nada) grout to clean. Now that is a game changer! Sign me up. Please! Sign. Me. Up. And that’s not even scratching the surface (pun intended!) on grout probs/callbacks. This eliminates grout cracking, discoloration or mold because there is NOT ANY GROUT! (Hallelujah!)


Shower Wall Elements in color Michelangelo Marble. Everything you love about marble except it’s low maintenance.

Return on investment ROI is very important. With labor and skilled worker shortages, how about Floorté Wall having just a one day install. (About 4-6 hours.) Your installer can finish several showers in one day. No longer will the shower (or floor) be a two day tile job. No waiting for tile to set. No return trip to grout. Get in and get out. This saves time which saves money 💰.


Where do you sign up? Talk to your rep. Ask to see our video install demonstration. Schedule a training for your installers. Your territory manager or specifier can give you all of the details.

Easy peasy where’s my squeegee,


Elements in color Calacatta installed at the Living Labs in Dalton, Georgia. I paired it with Isabella Resurgence in color Pearl for extra sass.