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Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night
The quarantine has us slowing down and appreciating what we have. How about you?

I, for sure, am fortunate to have my little family. And also thankful for shelter over our heads, food in the pantry, a yard to explore, a career that allows working from home, and of course technology at my fingertips. None of this will I take for granted. 

Sheltering in has started a frequent family movie night in our home. We finally discovered what everyone else with Disney Plus already has.....The Mandalorian. Star Wars geek or not, it is awesome for kids of all ages from 4 to 99.

Designer Spotlight Family Movie Night Cinema Sign.JPG

Here’s a little #shawfloors inspiration from a galaxy far far away.

Designer Spotlight Family Movie Night Man In Uniform.JPG

Patina Stack color Bronze with our hero, Mando.

Designer Spotlight Family Movie Night Woman in Blue.JPG

Villager Omera of Sorgan in the peaceful blue village with Anderson Tuftex Surreal color Nightfall. (I wish they could’ve fallen in love! Le sigh 😭)

Designer Spotlight Family Movie Night Stormtrooper.JPG

Remnant Storm Trooper with Baker Street hexagon mosaic color white/black. Come at me, Bro!

Designer Spotlight Family Movie Night Mandilorian.JPG

Infusion Glass random linear in color Clay with the cutest thing on your screen, Baby Yoda.

I hope you and yours are staying healthy and staying home when possible. Reach out so we can help you spec in this new normal we all find ourselves in together.

“I have spoken.”

PS Shaw Floors does not own the copyrights to Disney or Star Wars. This is solely for design inspiration (and fun!)