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Overcoming Common Carpet Myths

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Overcoming Common Carpet Myths

It’s time to let go of the flooring rhetoric on carpet. Let’s debunk the lies, people. Getting on my soapbox.....

Myth 1 - Carpet is boring and ugly:

Wrong! Shaw Floors 2020 carpet styles will wow you in color and design. Tonals, solids, tweeds, micro-heathers, even patterns and loops. And now with Dynamic Vision soft modular planks you can be super creative with install from monolithic to herringbone.

Designer Spotlight Fake News Herringbone.JPG

Myth 2 - Carpet doesn’t last:

Negative! We know by now our Eclipse style carpet is tough. It’s very resilient thanks to the high performance fiber and construction. My 4 year old is no match for it.

Designer Spotlight Fake News Little Boy.JPG

(My preschooler full of wonder and wild!)

Myth 3 - Carpet is crunchy and not soft:

Nope! We know it’s soft. Soft to the touch. My children laugh and play on it. Build pillow and blanket forts. Make obstacle courses; all the while jumping, rolling, and playing on it. You don’t have to sacrifice softness for style or strength ever with us.

Designer Spotlight Fake News Little Girl.jpg

(Throwback of my daughter with her pup, Obi Wan Kenobi, on our Shaw Floors carpet.)

Myth 4 - Carpet stains:

Pssssht! Our patented technology R2X protects against staining and soiling on your carpet. It is cleanable. In addition, our Eclipse collection stands up to heavy offenders like red wine and mustard, even bleach. Constant snacks and juice box drinks - y’all don’t stand a chance.

Designer Spotlight Fake News R2X.JPG

Myth 5 - Carpet isn’t environmentally friendly:

Incorrect! Shaw Floors carpets are all CRI Green Label Plus certified for low VOC’s, which is an important factor in creating a healthy home. Also Eclipse styles have 50% recycled content! Dynamic Vision has 100%! In it’s previous state, our carpet pellets were plastic soda and water bottles.

And our nylon carpets are recyclable.

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Myth 6 - Carpet is terrible for allergies:

Untrue! Carpet can act as a filter trapping dust, dander and airborne pollutants in your home (versus hard surface and it’s tumbleweeds/dust bunnies.) You can actually vacuum that funk out of your carpet so your home can breathe easy.

Head rush! Man, it feels good to bust some of those myths. Want heavier reading on these subjects? Check out the Carpet and Rug Institute, as a source for additional content

Stay woke friends,