Designer Spotlight

Coastal Grandma

Coastal Grandma

Have you seen it yet?

Coastal Grandma is here! It’s all over TikTok, Pinterest, Houzz and Insta Reels. This aesthetic has everyone buzzing.

Mood - set in the Hamptons (or any lake or beach destination)

Style - luxurious coastal cottage

Look - lots of natural light, large windows, white walls, texture, rattan, jute, sea grass, oversized glass vases filled with fresh flowers, classic, refined, relaxed, fine china and hats on display, white crisp sofa covers, fresh fruit and herbs on the ready for entertaining.

Fashion - white collared button down, straw hat, linen pants, pearl earrings (think Dianne Keaton in “Somethings Gotta Give”)

We have you covered to celebrate the inner Coastal Grandma in you and your homebuyers no matter the age. Take a stroll through these design staples from Shaw Floors to achieve this look.

Del Ray in classic marble style Symmetry is a beauty! The geometric marble dazzles the eyes with such visual interest.



Style Catacomb also in the Del Ray collection exudes this trend for a bathroom floor. (Extra style points for contrasting with a deep rich brown custom vanity cabinet.)


Bedrooms are comfy and cozy with light and bright airy bedding layered with texture. Rich brown wood tones of Mariner Oak ground this style and invite you to relax with a good book.


Rattan headboards, knotted throws, white walls and big windows set against the beautiful graining of style Memorial Walnut beckon you to stay for the weekend.


Are you on board with this trend? (Excuse me now while I run out and get a fitted crisp white button down and roll up the sleeves. Time for a T.J. Maxx run. I can expense that, right?)

Feeling Beachy,


PS My beautiful mother pictured below (the kiddos call her Mimi) is just for the record in love with all things coastal.


Coastal Grandma Tracy and mom.jpeg