Designer Spotlight


Move over, Cottagecore. You've got some new competition! Make way for Carnival Core. (P.T. Barnum approved razzle dazzle!)

We are starting to customize our homes to reflect our true personalities. A great way to translate this is through styling your floors and walls. Pro tip: Start in an office, small powder or mud room if you are experimenting with this look.

Carnival Core is just as it sounds. Nostalgic, loud, bold, maximalist, in-your-face design. Want to spot this trend? Look for "more is more" of a style aesthetic. Here are a few looks to get you started.

Contrasting pops:

Check out this laundry room in Apothecary Apiary in color Indigo. It's floor and wall rated so go for that wowza moment! Perfect in a laundry room to distract from unfolded clothes. Go ahead and let that dryer go another cycle.


Vibrant statement colors:

Geoscapes triangular in First Lady Pink is blushing with depth and dimension. Just don't call it mauve because this retro color packs a flirty punch.


Black and white contrasting checkerboard:

Perfectly styled Nostalgic 12x12 Manhattan tiles alternating in black and white. (I'm suddenly craving a candy apple.)


Or try Hoover Penny round mosaics in a whimsical polka dot. Dotty over this backsplash? That's the point! And it would be just as darling on a shower floor.


Wavy Funky patterns:

AndersonTuftex soft surface style Summerside color Tidal is serving up refined Carnival Core.

style: Summerside | color: Tidal

So, throw it back to your roots and favorite memories. Try the bold. Try the beautiful. Minimalists, use it sparingly. Maximalists, go for it. And don't forget to stock up your pantry with peanuts and crackerjacks. Come one, come all to see the greatest floors on earth!

"And we will come back home (and we will come back home) Home again!" 🎶

PS Here are the owners of @GirlCreative with a big cheers 🥂 to Carnival Core. I love their interpretation! Stylized, sophisticated colorful fun!