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Blondes Have More Fun?!?

Blondes Have More Fun?!?
I am a brunette (full-blooded Puerto-Rican to be exact - Õye, don’t let the last name fool ya.) So I’ve always taken the statement “Blondes have more fun” with a grain of salt (or adobo!)
  Adobo Seasoning.jpeg

However, when it comes to flooring the verdict is in! I 100% agree. Blondes DO have more fun.

Light airy flooring, especially white oak, is having its time to shine! It’s all the rage.

Not only is it on-trend but it is also practical. Lighter stains tend to show more of the wood grain’s raw beautiful natural character from knot holes to mineral streaks. Lighter wood floors typically show less wear and tear than darker floors too. Less scuffs, less dirt, less everyday sins. Very forgiving. Especially in a low gloss/matte finish. 

That’s a win/win!

Here’s a few wood options from Shaw Floors that exude this trend:

Pillar Oak color Limestone


Essence Maple color Americana

Designer Spotlight Blondes Essence Maple Americana.jpeg

Essence Oak color Modern


Elegance Oak color Champagne


Here’s a few budget friendly Shaw Floors resilient options as well:

Resto Plus color Majestic


Brio Plus color River Bend Oak

Riverbend Oak.jpeg
Foundation Plank color Washed Oak


Supino HD Plus color Tufo


Please tag us at #shawfloors with your blonde floors so we can highlight you! And if you’re looking for a blonde joke, WOOD you CUT it out. No throwing SHADE. 🤓

Call me - Blondie,