Backyard Chickens

Backyard Chickens

We get some popular lingo from chicken life. Hen Pecked, Cooped Up, Pecking Order are all happening in backyard chicken coops taking over rural and urban dwellings. 

Back to Basics is a lifestyle trend that people are craving in our overly stimulated technology age. The yearn to unplug and connect with nature is catching on. Community Gardens are attracting residents. Farm to table is only growing! 


I must admit. I too am a crazy chicken lady.  (#farmher) I have 11 sassy chickens that give my family and friends beautiful organic rainbow eggs. We also have over 6,000 bees 🐝 for our garden and for local honey. 


Today I’m sharing with you 4 back to basics hard and soft surface flooring looks that compliment this homestead style for your next project. 

Golden Gate color Pacific Heights:2U938_00620_MAIN

Farmhouse style lends itself toward old world brick and brick pavers. Not only are they beautiful but they’re practical. This textured 4x8 porcelain insures it’s suitable for indoor/outdoor use. The coloring is very forgiving if you’ve been working hard on your garden or with your critters. Be as creative as you want with the pattern installation and coordinating grout choices. 


Floorte Lazio Plus color Pino:

Wide planks. Hand-scraped texture. Multiple hues and colorations. Waterproof and pet proof. This is a winner for any homesteader to clean up after a hard day’s work. Muck boot approved! 


Manhattan color 1007: 5U347_01007_Angled

Farmers used powdered lime (white/washing) on their homes and fences not because it was in style. They did it because it was safe for animals, effective, and cheap. The whitewashed look is on-trend today. You can achieve that clean minimal look with Manhattan on your floors, walls, ceilings, and island fronts for an updated version of shiplap. 


Commanding Tweed all colors:


Durability and cleanability is key with carpet today. Our patented R2X combined with our Eclipse fiber technology makes our tweed ideal for high traffic areas. And bonus it’s super soft to boot! It covers a lot of sins in between vacuuming. One less chore to fool with today. 


Do you have a farmhouse inspired project? Swing by Tractor Supply for fun country inspired accents. Order your fashionista chicken/farm decor from Fluffy Layers (egg aprons, duvet covers, linens, shower curtains.)


And get your Shaw Floors country chic on. Tag us folks at #shawfloors #psshawfloors so we can take a gander. Now you are officially as country as cornbread!

Y’all come back now ya’hear,