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Back to School 📝

Back to School 📝
It’s that time of year again. Cutie pie first day of school pics filling up your feeds, PTA meetings, homework, car lines, bus stops, after school snacks, sports practice, and report cards.

(photo credit Lizzy Seay)

That means fall, y’all, is just around the corner.

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Time for Pumpkin Spice everything!

And how do you clean up that pumpkin spice __________ (fill in the blank):

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latte, creamer, yogurt, butter, ice cream, 🥣 cereal with milk should you get a mess on your floors?

I suggest you try our new Floor Care Maintenance hack that will make your lives easier.

Try for yourself here:

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Just input your stain and we’ll tell you step by step how to clean it.

No cliff-notes necessary. No pop quizzes. Easy peasy. We cover all flooring, not just carpet.  And you even have the capability to coordinate with Alexa/Google home so you can go through the process live. Now you can handle any stain that comes your way.

I bet you’ll ace it and pass with flying colors.

Teacher’s Pet,