And the Oscar Goes To…

And the Oscar Goes To…

Awards season has come to a close. The crescendo of the bright lights, camera flashes, and red carpet poses have concluded. Hollywood’s finest didn’t disappoint at the Oscars, decked head to toe in their best threads. Funny how Shaw Floors is right there in step with fashion and flooring.

Who is your clear cut leader in style? (Shaw Floors for the win!)

Designer-Spotlight_Oscar-Blog_Image-1Tile: Infusion Glass, Color: Sand, Grout: All that Glitters


Designer-Spotlight_Oscar-Blog_Image-2Tile: Manhattan 12x24, Color: Black


Designer-Spotlight_Oscar-Blog_Image-3Tile: Patina Lantern Mosaic, Color: Oil


Designer-Spotlight_Oscar-Blog_Image-4Bling by Anderson Tuftex, Color: Black Marble


Designer-Spotlight_Oscar-Blog_Image-5Color of the Year Blush (check out his coordinating scrunchy!)


Designer-Spotlight_Oscar-Blog_Image-6Blue Mountain, Color: Super Fine


Designer-Spotlight_Oscar-Blog_Image-7Color of the Year Glacier Ice


Designer-Spotlight_Oscar-Blog_Image-8Tile: Venus, Color: Antiqued Silver


Designer-Spotlight_Oscar-Blog_Image-9Color of the Year Mist


Designer-Spotlight_Oscar-Blog_Image-10Color of the Year Dusty Lilac


Okay, the wrap up music is playing.....They’re giving me the hook!


Until we meet again,




PS Shaw Floors does not own the rights to the glamorous stars red carpet snapshots. This is for fun and inspiration! (But you already knew that, ya smart cookie!)